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My name is Dr. Shani Horowitz-Rozen, and I’m a communication expert, writer, and educator.

I specialize in developing and implementing storytelling techniques and elevating the voices of organizations and individuals. 

I facilitate executive coaching and team discussions, clarify presentations, and coach speakers to deliver their messages effectively, in media interviews, public speaking, and fundraising talks. 

I write about media, business, culture, gender, social change, and philanthropy. I’m proud to be a Medium’s Top Writer in the Feminism category.


I teach communications and culture at the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University. My expertise is media criticism, framing, and cultural analysis. My classes are linking media theories and social change and investigating the cultural meanings of important ad-hoc events.

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​As a strategic communication expert, I partner with organizations and individuals to develop their communication strategy and messaging, successfully helping them to communicate their mission, story, and goals.


What do I do?

  • Design organizations’ communication strategy and stories of success, in areas such as health, environment, diaspora relations, education, gender equality, community development, culture, and arts.

  • Develop and implement narratives and storytelling techniques to elevate the voices of organizations and individuals.

  • Create and frame content and messages that break down complex topics.

  • Analyze market discourse and develop stories and resources that reinforce the organization’s viewpoints, success, and goals in compelling, creative ways.

  • Guide and advise on conflict management involving constituents, board members, volunteers, media, and donors.

  • Facilitate executive coaching and team discussions to construct organizations’ mission statements, communication strategy, and brand.

  • Coach managers and staff members to deliver their messages effectively, in media interviews, public speaking, board address, and persuasive and professional talks.

  • Review and critique presentations for stakeholders to clarify their persuasive goals.

  • Educate about communication strategies in motivational speaking talks.


peeping toms israel.jpg

The Removal of a ‘Peeping Toms’ Mural in Israel Challenges the Role of Public Art


Can JPMorgan Chase Tell a Social Story?

me webinar export.png

Strategic Communication during Crises - How should companies communciate during covid-19 and political changes? My webinar for the Israeli Export Institution (Hebrew)

debate interview.png

And the biggest loser in the Presidential debate is... 

My interview to the Israeli Foreign News podcast about the first presidential debate

Nazi triangles.jpg

Facebook is Shaping the Cultural Understanding of Symbols

Airbnb’s Misunderstanding of Audiences’ Emotional Connection Resulted in a Double Backlash

The Pandemic Emphasized Human Connection As It Changed How Customers Enter Stores


Girls’ T-shirts with empowering slogans are reinforcing feminine stereotypes

nonprofit journalism.jpeg

The Curious Incident of NonProfit Journalism



I teach communication and culture at the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University, NJ.

I have more than a decade of experience in scholarly work and teaching undergrad classes in academia, both in Israel and the US. My research, teaching and writing focus on mass communication, culture, philanthropy, and social change, combining both academic research, and fieldwork.

My classes are linking communication theories, framing analysis, social change, and offering practical guidance for communicators:


“Introduction to Communication”

“Analyzing Media Frames”

“Media and Society: Framing Social Issues”
“Theorizing Communication and Media Arts”

"Media Criticism”


Post-doc:  A fellow at CUNY's Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society International Fellows program (2017).



Horowitz-Rozen, S., & Gilboa, E. (2020). Media and philanthropy. SAGE International Encyclopaedia of Mass Media and Society.

Horowitz-Rozen, S., & Gilboa, E. (2018). Framing philanthropy during wartime. International Journal of Communication, 12, 269-289.

Horowitz-Rozen, S. (2015). The Israeli media discourse about philanthropy and philanthropists. Media Frames, 15, 60-66. (Hebrew).



"Dr. Horowitz-Rozen’s assistance was immensely helpful. She brought a very professional approach and proficient knowledge of today’s marketing challenges in an increasingly fractured market. She took the time to get to know our organization, how we work and our specific needs, as well as defining our target audience"


Jirina Ribens
Excecutive Director, Ice Theatre of New York



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