Make it happen

It’s time to make time for what you want to do, not only what you have to do.

It’s time for you to remember who you are, to make sure you are in the driver’s seat of your own life.

To make time for everything that is important to you.


Ever since I remembered myself, I organize my time efficiently. 

The combination of career, parenting, and academic research threw me off. It took me time to stack my building blocks and control my time again. To make my time more meaningful. 

What do I do?

What’s different?

Most time management theories label your tasks as “important” or “urgent” and ask you to prioritize them.

But how do you define what’s important?

Important to whom? 

This is where I step in and join you in putting time management into action. Deciding what is important

to you, designating time to accomplish your goals, and encouraging you to do that important task that sits on your to-do list and you keep putting off.

How does it work?

Working together, I take a deep look at my client’s complete task list, prioritizing tasks together, not only based on their urgency but also on their meaning.

I’ve Been There

Sometimes it feels too lonely. I’ve been there. Where the personal and professional meet.

As a professional consultant, professor, writer, parent, and spouse, time becomes everything. 


Navigating time to accomplish my professional and personal goals, by understanding what brings meaning to my life, is something I’ve learned and want to share with others.

I help people who need to organize their schedule, manage their time, and maximize their personal and professional accomplishments. 

I help take another look at what’s on your desk to prioritize and clean up the mental clutter. 

I help people who are tired of being overwhelmed by their tasks and wish they could have time for what is truly important for them, whether it is professional success or quality time with their family.

Sometimes, I help my clients figure out what they want, to find what is meaningful to them. 

I root for academics, writers, scholars, parents, busy freelancers, and people who work part or full time. 

We determine together which projects, plans, and activities bring value to a client’s life and how to make time to include them

I keep track of my clients’ tasks and check-in as clients accomplish their to-do list.

We talk through what potential barriers are getting in my client’s way and make their success more manageable.

I actively listen to what causes stress and help my clients shift from being overwhelmed by tasks to accomplishing both personal and professional goals.